Knights of the dinner table appeared for the first time in the 1990 issue of SHADIS, a role-playing magazine. Comics geared towards garners have been a staple feature in gaming magazines for years.

Dinner Table
Knights of the Dinner Table

However, it was surprising to discover that no one had ever written a strip about garners – at least not from their perspective.

Author’s Opinion about Knights of the dinner table.

The strip’s characters quickly took on new lives. The strip promptly became a favorite among SHADIS readers.

My most frequent response is, “Those guys remind me of me!” I have never attempted to be an artist. My first comic strip was a sketch I made in the early days.
It was a one-person operation back then, and I couldn’t convince anyone to do it. As the magazine grew, I realized that I had less time. I decided to end the strip. I was not a great cartoonist. I thought it through and wasn’t sure anyone would miss it.

It surprised me.

When readers revolted, the strip was quickly revived.

Since then, it’s continued to thrive. It still makes me laugh when someone grabs a new issue and flips to the back page to read the comic. I can’t explain such behavior.

My first reaction to the talk about a comic book in full-sized format was, “Good idea but let’s get a professional cartoonist to do it right!” Unfortunately. People were horrified to hear that we were searching for an artist to create the book.

They were used to my poor pencil and ink skills. Again, I was told that the comic strip pulled all the strings and controlled its creator. Before I end, let me answer a common question.

Many of you seem curious whether the strip’s characters are based upon real garners. Yes. Each character is a collection of different player personalities I have encountered over the years.

For my B.A., I even pulled from my own experience. Felton, the frustrated Game Master with a table of complete players who seem to be at odds with him. Actual gaming sessions inspired the majority of the strips.

frustrated Game Master
Frustrated Game Master

Sometimes, I will get a story from a reader about a funny moment at the gaming table. It will be published in the strip. Here’s my humble account of the history of the KNIGHTS OF DINNER TABLE. They are all my good friends. Publicly, they are not my friends.

Knights of the Dinner Table

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