Lets Go 5th Edition pdf brings classrooms to life and motivates your students to speak in English. In 2017, most educators stated that they relied on using the Let’s Go methodology. Furthermore, It helps their students become more proficient in English. The same method and syllabus are available in the 4th Edition and 5th Edition; the 5th Edition includes exciting new features to assist your students and teachers.

The NEW animated videos bring joy to children. It will help motivate your students to learn English. Additionally, 80 percent of teachers agree that the animated videos of chants and conversations are entertaining, visually appealing, and demonstrate the use of functional language in an authentic context.

Lets Go 5th Edition
Foundational elements to learning English

Salient Features of Lets Go 5th Edition

  • The NEW let’s go introduction mini-series gives the foundational elements to learning English.
  • You can use new statements in your lessons to let you track the progress of your students in a meaningful manner.
  • The Teacher’s Resource Center provides access to resources that make it easy to instruct confidently. An upgraded digital library allows you to create the perfect lesson easily.
  • The student Book reading texts, including comprehension exercises in levels 1-6, offer fresh materials that appeal to students. New and improved Workbook readings will help students get familiar with each unit’s language.
  • The same high-quality methodology, as present in the 4th Edition, is sure to make your students conversant in English right from the beginning.
  • Let’s Go 5th Edition emphasizes communication within the framework of a carefully-controlled grammatical syllabus.
  • From the very first lesson, learners find various activities focusing on interaction.

Advantages of Book

The classes become more challenging as students grow. Students find new words and concepts so they can communicate at every new level. The students are taught to talk to one another immediately from the beginning, initially in groups but later in pairs once they have gained sufficient confidence and are proficient in the language.

Constantly Exposed

The pair-work is essential as it is at this point that students can communicate with each other in situations most similar to life outside the classroom. The lessons in Let’s Go 5th Edition include a variety of techniques that are effective for teaching English to students, such as,

The MAT (Model, Action, Talk) Method,

TPR (Total Physical Response),

Functional Approach,

Communicative Approach,

Audio-Lingual Approach,

Grammatical and Structural Approach.

The Let’s Go 5th Edition is a set comprising English books for primary students, published through Oxford Publishing House. Every book in the 5th Edition series contains eight lessons. Each lesson is relevant to children’s lives, such as school, family, friends, and playing. These lessons allow kids to quickly learn and then put what they’ve learned into their own lives.
Lets Go 5th Edition gives fun lessons encouraging students to be excited about English right from the beginning. Children can learn vocabulary in every class, with illustrations, pronunciation exercises, and games to help them comprehend and retain more quickly.

What’s the content of the Let’s Go 5th Edition series?

Let's Go
Content Of 5th Edition
  • Lets Go 5th Edition comprises a set of two books with two levels and is the ideal base for children’s English learning. The book includes lessons and activities related to vowels, alphabets, and pronunciation.
  • A set of 3 student books and 8 Workbooks with quizzes about reading skills are fresh and exciting content that will entice students (Levels 1 – 6).
  • Music and games lessons in the classroom create an array of fun and engaging occasions for pupils to practice using English.
  • Attractive and engaging animations bring classrooms to life and inspire students to speak English.

How useful is the Let’s Go 5th Edition series?

Let's Go 5th Edition series
Phonemic Sounds
  • These series encourage children to participate in their process of learning English by using efficient methods and simple-to-use tools for teaching.
  • It Engages students in stimulating, fun activities and offer many occasions for pupils to learn using English.
  • Activities from the Workbook also let students practice the knowledge they’ve learned by engaging in active tasks and games.

How can students master effectively?

First, the Let’s Go 5th Edition lets children learn to talk from the beginning by providing dialogs, questions to practice with answers, and quizzes and quizzes. They can also choose images that match words and ensure the vowels are correct.
The second lesson begins with the most straightforward words. It is repeated until the children feel they are in complete control.
Thirdly, the series encourages and develops children’s natural talents through music and interactions with Carolyn Graham’s lively, fun music and drums. So they can enjoy and communicate naturally.
In addition, the lessons are cleverly created, straightforward, tied, and easy to catch up to ensure that no child gets lost.

Let's Go 5th Edition
Fun Music

What Students can Learn from this Book?

  • Aiding students to quickly acquire and retain vocabulary using a variety of exercises, such as exposure to sounds, images, games, quizzes, word filling,
  • Parents can take advantage of the questions and quizzes on the site to monitor their child’s progress in learning.
  • Teachers could also use it to teach in class, interact with students, or review each lesson’s vocabulary.

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Each lesson has an individual goal in language development: Let’s Go 5th Edition helps students develop functional fluency with an interaction related to the unit’s theme. It is then a short video that expands and animates the conversation. Students are then able to listen to a track that teaches the conversation. In addition, Students are then offered the chance to customize the language they’ve learned through Ask and Answer.

Let’s go helps improve grammatical accuracy. Besides, It allows students to acquire vocabulary related to the unit’s theme, use it within the context of a sentence within the context of a scene, and then pose questions or formulate statements regarding the topic. Let’s learn more extends the language taught in Let’s Learn by providing additional vocabulary related to the theme.

Students can then use the language within the story’s setting and in a game format. Let’s Go 5th Edition employs phonics to teach children to be aware of phonemic sounds and the ability to read a language they might have learned verbally. Moreover, children are required to read longer texts in the Listen and Read sections. The brand-new Workbook readings give students an additional opportunity to practice the language of each unit. Let’s Review provides a one-page listening test. It is an illustrated novel that explains different locations around the globe and reinforces the ability to think critically.

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