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Brief Review of Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan
Michael J. Sullivan’s Theft of Swords was my favorite fantasy novel for a while.
It includes The Crown Conspiracy and Other Tales from The Riyria Revelations (and Avempartha).
These stories were first published individually by Sullivan and then combined by Orbit to create this fantastic package in 2011. Theft of swords and The Riyria Revelations are the recommended first books for readers new to Sullivan’s works. The Riyria Chronicles, which follow the same protagonists, are prelude adventures. These details are important because I only read 25% of the novel before realizing I wasn’t
reading them in the recommended order.

Theft of Swords

PDF Theft of Swords is the story of Riyria.

Riyria is a legendary and famous rogue who undertakes seemingly impossible heists. They do so for nobles who have the means to pay them. Hadrian Blackwater, a charismatic, good-natured warrior with three weapons, is charming. Trust me, a man with three swords can use them.
His partner is Royce Melborn. He is a skilled thief and is comfortable walking in shadows.
He is more critical and cynical than his colleague and keeps his cards close to him.
As I read on, I revealed certain mysteries about Royce slowly.

Theft of swords opens with an entertaining segment that sees a group of amateur thieves making mistakes. It leads to one of my favorite fantasy adventure story settings. The 10% mark was a great moment for me.

I was utterly immersed in the exploits of the duo and all the possibilities they could create. The Crown Conspiracy, Avempartha, and other events take place chronologically in a familiar but distinct fantasy world. It is significant in the scope of histories and political maneuverings.

Theft of Swords
fantasy world

There were elements of mystery about who killed the main character, as well as unresolved motives for key players in The Crown Conspiracy. It was well executed, and I believe Sullivan’s world has many secrets and puzzles. I’m curious to learn more about the Dwarves and the Elves.
They may be trite, but I want to see how they fit into Sullivan’s stories.
Although the world-building is well done throughout, the first story contains some info-dumping by Myron Lanaklin, a charming priest.

He has a handy photographic memory.

Avempartha had a slightly different tone and prevented more somber content.
It was somewhat reminiscent of a Sapkowski short story, The Witcher, with a Gilarabrwyn-like dragon harassing a small town.

handy photographic
handy photographic

Prince Alric, Princess Arista, and Royce are the main characters.

Their lives are intertwined with the theft missions in certain sections of these tales.
I loved Riyria because Sullivan made me adore her quickly and aptly. These characters were more fleshed out as the stories progressed.

I enjoyed their moments, but Hadrian and Royce were the most memorable moments when I reflected. Like the sister and brother, I think it will be the same with the other side characters.

As they get more pages, I’ll become more invested in them as they become more 3D.
Thrace and Esrahaddon are two examples of delicate creations.
I am glad I decided to give Sullivan’s catalog another chance.

Age of Myth was something I tried about two years ago, but it wasn’t for me.
After reading Theft of Swords and knowing the popularity of Sullivan’s fan base, I consider Sullivan a heavyweight in the current fantasy author scene. Grimdark Magazine readers that have read this review will be happy to recommend Theft of Swords


. This novel is filled with hope, heart, and humor, mainly delivered by
Hadrian has nice colors in the chaos, grittiness, and political uncertainty of Sullivan’s world.

It was a fast-paced, addictive read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Rise of Empire will be a pdf book I will treasure at least as much.
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